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Cutting-edge augmented reality tech brings new looks to customers' hands - and encourages them to buy.
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Those who run a nail salon, a spa or a multinational top-tier luxurious beauty brand should be familiar with these issues:
You know that expectation vs reality thing?

You see those girls on Instagram with their perfect nail design, you think it is a great idea, but you go out of nail salon frustrated. It simply doesn't match your hand. So, expectations do not necessarily turn into reality.

No more worries!
I totally need a new nail design!
This thought bothers ladies on average once every 10 days. In some special cases, every 10 minutes.
But I don't know which one I want...
Tons of fashion magazines, catalogues and pictures of nail polish design don't make the choice easier.
Aaaahh, too many designs!
It's not that obvious, but you really should take your skin colour and nail shape into account.
If only I could see it on my hands...
You actually can! Just use Nailsmania app to see how a particular nail art design looks on your hand.
Nailsmania is a white-label app that delivers nail art directly to customers' hands. Literally.

of users check a product online before going to a store. And do you know the reason they don't buy it online? They need to see how it looks on them. Oops.

of users are more likely to buy a product after using a branded app, which could be yours. More than half users are converted into loyal customers, isn't this incredible?
>100 M

of downloads on Google Play gained Top-20 nail art salon games and galleries. If you don't use this nail salon marketing idea yet, sorry, you are left behind.

Half of the world's leading companies have a branded app. Are you an outsider?
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Don't fret, we have some advice to help you win this digital race. Just including a branded app into your digital strategy will increase it's effectiveness dramatically.
Our modern world is half-digital. Whether you noticed the moment it all changed or not, gadgets and the web are integral parts of our lives now. Consumers said their word and business had nothing to do but to follow the trend. If your customers went online, to reach them you need to expand your presence on the Internet. But just being on there is not enough, you need to be digitally smart. Online market offers multiple channels and platforms to reach users. Not all of them are equally effective, not all of them are suitable for certain kind of business. But mobile apps stand out as a uniquely efficient tool.

A mobile app is more simple and interactive than mobile websites, thus, users are more engaged. Moreover, branded apps is a second to none tool to increase users loyalty. According to Ipsos OTX, 52% of mobile users said they more likely to make a purchase after using branded app.

Do not be left behind by competitors who are catching this wave. According to our recent survey, 27% of companies already use branded apps, and 34% are planning to launch one within a year.

"How am I going to make my app noticeable, if so many marketers make them?" No worries, we have a solution for this as well. Augmented reality is that ingredient which can change your branded app from your-one-of-many to unique, interactive and highly engaging. This technology can build up digital content on existing reality. For sure you have already thought of some ways you could use it. Whether it is a virtual changing room in a tablet, neighborhood enhancer or static posters animator in a smartphone. Bravest ideas can turn into reality now with augmented reality technology.

The augmented reality technology has existed for quite a while already, but recently it has faced a massive boom in app development.

Many industries find it useful to build up some digital content onto reality, but the pioneers and leaders in putting augmented reality to work are businesses of beauty industry. Plastic surgeons use it to show patients preview of their face after modifications, stylists use it to offer clients different kind of hairstyles.

A lot of leading nail polish brands got it right about going digital. There are some branded apps on market now.

The idea is already successfully adopted by such industry giants as Sephora, P&G, L'oreal and Sally Hansen.

One of the most popular app of such kind is MakeUp Genius by L'oreal, which lets users try various virtual makeovers. In 2007 its founder, Dr Parham Aarabi, even won the Premier's Catalyst Award for Innovation for this app. It scans your face, and in a couple of clicks you see it with some makeup on. You can also try on different hairstyles and even anti-aging treatment simulation. Available on users personal gadgets and on tablets at stores, it promotes the brand in interactive manner. No need to go to stores and try each product anymore. Saves time and cost for both consumer and producer.

While ModiFace deals with face and makeovers, Sally Hansen's app uses augmented reality to match nail polish shades. All you need to do is catch your hand with a camera and choose a shade. You see which one matches your skin tone, how it looks with your hands shape. Seeing final result convinces users and converts them into buyers straight away.

Another interesting feature of Sally Hansen's app is recommendations it gives based on one's skin tone. Quite useful when there is a choice of 200 shades available. To apply them, users have to keep their arm straight in front of a camera and wait untill nail polish design is applied to the hand image.
Nailsmania Nail Design Try On Demo
This is how Nailsmania works - allowing customers to see the actual designs on their nails before buying nail service, polish or stickers. This is a great chance for brands to increase their sales through mobile channels.
With our app nail art design mistakes can be easily fixed.

We developed an accurate scanning algorithm which lets you see how an item will look on your hand. All you need to do is take picture of your hand. The app automatically finds the perfect placement for the nail design. Pictures look absolutely real.

Sometimes you make photos in changing rooms to share with friends and ask for advice, don't you? You can do it with this app as well.

Paradigm shifts now, with augmented reality apps coming to digital market.
Probably every woman familiar with the Internet has ever tried virtual makeover apps. It's always been popular, but the trend is growing with apps getting better- more realistic and convenient. Liberty of testing different hairstyles and makeup trends is very tempting. Doing it online eliminates the risk of wearing a hat for another couple of months to disguise a mistake. Also, you don't need to watch expert beauty vloggers with their makeup tutorials.

Nailsmania works in a similar way to ModiFace apps. It scans your hand, you choose a shade. The app virtually applies selected nail art design to your hand image, and you see what colour contrasts or matches your skin tone, whatever effect you desire. The app is now available on iPhone.

The technology behind this virtual colour testing is 3D augmented reality.

During the past two decades it went from science fiction pipe dream to practical reality. Basically, augmented reality applies digital content to reality, displaying it altogether.

Sounds a bit futuristic, but so did iPhone two decades ago. People have been elaborating on what reality will look like in future, where technology will bring us. Flying hoverboards? Robotic housekeepers? We can only imagine, but for sure augmented reality is a step towards those hi-tech future dreams. What's even more fascinating, you can already have access to this technology!

It has been out there for quite a while, but it never faced real ways to be used. Paradigm shifts now, with augmented reality apps coming to digital market. With a whole lot of a different perspective, let's see how the technology makes reality enhanced.
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