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Boost sales using a new mobile sales channel
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Selling online helps retailers save on outlet rent, provide more competitive pricing and get higher margin
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Mobile app stores provide access to a great lot of affluent and trendy customers looking for bargains
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Push notifications and regular updates
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Cutting-edge augmented reality tech brings new looks to customer's hands — and encourages them to buy
We provide a white-labeled app using licensed technology for use by content vendors
Shop 4 Rings app - a mobile fitting room and jewelry salon
Jewelry marketing strategies often rely on expensive catalogues with impecable photography of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, tiaras and such. However, the customers would feel much better if they knew this particular jewelry design suited them. So we developed a mobile app that serves as a showcase or a gallery for engagement rings, wedding bands or any kind of finger-worn jewelry - which really cuts costs on printing out catalogues. Moreover, our cutting-edge hand scanning algorithm and augmented reality tech allows customers to make sure the rings look great on their fingers. Once they've chosen a design they love, they can easily add it to a shopping cart at the brand's Internet store product page and check out.
Failed to find a matching engagement ring design, your own ideas lack originality, and the nearest jewelry design center is closed down? Why not look for inspiration at jewelry design concepts and even make a purchase using jewelry app on your smartphone?
That's how we came up with the idea of Shop 4 Rings, and marketing jewelry through mobile has never been easier. Jewelry brands can reach out to iPhone users via customized mobile app connected to their Internet store - and nullify fear of bad purchase allowing customers to try on rings on their fingers on a photo of their hand. The app is fully customizable, and a brand can add desired features upon request for additional cost. The basic package includes brand logo on the starting screen, interface color scheme and typeface as well as 500 adapted items for sale (provided by the vendors themselves).
Additional features may include stacking a number of items on one screen - like combinations of rings on one or several fingers, or even the possibility for a customer to create their own 3D jewelry design.
A similar technology is applied in our upcoming app which is now being developed that recognizes the wrist area and enables users to try on luxury watches and bracelets together with rings.
Basic license package includes
Brand logo
Interface color scheme
500 adapted SKU
Why would a jewelry brand want a customized mobile shopping app?
25–34 year olds – Millennials – spend 28% more on jewelry than average US person.
Edahn Golan US State of the Jewelry Market 2015 Report
Every third person in the world has a smartphone. M-commerce is booming. More and more brands are integrating mobile channels in their marketing mix. However, not all industries catch up with the trends, for various reasons. Some of them, like jewelry, are highly traditional and rely on exclusive, luxruious, salon culture. But what if this no longer works?

According to Edahn Golan US State of the Jewelry Market Report, Since 2007, the amount of jewelry shops in US alone declined by 21%. Most of them went out of business because of violent price competition and high rent.
Online retailers are gradually chipping off the market share of independent specialty jewelers. Now that you have opportunities for 3d jewelry design made online, independent jewelry design studios started losing their customers. Blue Nile, a completely online business, with sales of $473.5 million in 2014, has a market share of about 1.4% among specialty jewelers and 0.6% of the total market. This does not seem much, but several years ago they did not exist altogether. Blue Nile dominates online jewelry retail market. The rest of this segment includes James Allen, Tiffany and the online outlets of Sterling's Jared, Kay and Zale. Sterling's fiscal 2014 online sales were $129 million (half of which was the Q4).

Evidently, the market is being reshaped as you are reading these lines. While big brands are still entering the e-commerce and m-commerce segment, there is a fantastic opportunity to cater for the tastes and needs of the most active mobile users - the Millenials. They happen to be also one of the biggest spenders on engagement rings, wedding rings and fashion jewelry. 25–34 year olds – Millennials – spend 28% more on jewelry than average US person. And they spend over 14.5 hours per week using their smartphone. Give them something to play around with - and they will be yours.

High-end jewelers including De Beers, Forevermark, Tacori and Boucheron have implemented augmented reality into their digital strategies, which changes the way consumers think about and buy products and the brand image, both online and in-store. Luxury watchmakers also see a great trend here. Tissot, the Swiss watchmaker allowed the window shoppers from the sidewalk to try on their luxury watches in front of Selfridges and Harrods. The augmented reality campaign offered by this Swiss watchmaker was very successful and their sales in Tissot Selfridges boutique increased 85 percent.

So if jewellers want to grow and keep up with consumer trends, it seems a good idea to migrate, at least partially, to a thing most of these customers will have at hand through the rest of their life - a smartphone.
Why are we in doing this? Because we can and we care.
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