Get customers engaged. Boost jewellery sales online

–°onnect your e-commerce with a mobile channel
via AR try-on experience - and see your sales rocket
Cut Costs on Rent
Save on expensive outlets by moving your sales online, keeping the personal touch and try on experience
Unlock New Channel
Over 80% of your customers consult Internet before making a purchase. Show off and make them buy online
Engaged and Loyal
Employ push notifications and regular updates to keep customers aware of new collections and discounts

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Hand recognition and augmented reality is the kind of "magic" to make purchasing an engagement ring easy and exciting
We provide a white-labeled app using licensed technology for use by content vendors
Our other Shop 4 Rings app - a mobile fitting room and jewelry salon
Wedding business is all about bright emotions. Wedding business marketing, therefore, should always associate with a fairy tale, magical sensations. Wedding salons and event agencies have excelled at it, but what about e-commerce and mobile commerce?
We have found a way to integrate a bit of magic into your business and marketing plan. Augmented reality allows customers to see the engagement ring or a wedding band as if it was on their hand.
Other marketing ideas include sharing the image of a ring on the hand as a hint to the friends and significant others. The mobile app is also a perfect means of communication between brands and customers.
Finding a matching engagement ring may be a long and tiresome task, especially if you do it the traditional way - by going around jewelry stores. Most of the younger customers - Generation Y or Millenials - browse marketplaces like AliExpress or Amazon, or search for brand Internet stores before even considering going to a shopping mall.
Over 30% of those who shop online would like to try the products before buying them, others are ok with return policies. When the real ring is not at hand to try on, an AR version - an image or 3D model applied to the image of the customer's hand - will do the trick. Using augmented reality is an easy and innovative way to drive user engagement and sales through m-commerce and e-commerce.
Our studies have shown that users who tried on a ring via AR experience are almost 3 times more likely to click the "BUY" button than those who merely looked at the pictures and read the description. As close as it may be to the real wedding salon or jewelry store experience, augmented reality is key to unlocking mobile and online commerce in retail.
Say Yes! is a mobile engagement and wedding ring marketplace where brands can showcase their precious items and users may choose, try on and buy (or drop a hint to buy) those items. It allows brands to stay in touch with users, promote online sales and reach out to younger customers, who are already the second major spenders in the US.
Brand app customization includes
Brand logo
Interface color scheme
500 adapted SKU
Why are we in doing this? Because we can and we care.
10 years of experience
We've been there. Done that. Our team includes professionals in web and mobile development
In-house R&D
MSc and PhDs work with us to provide the state-of-the-art technology. Then our marketers deliver it for users to enjoy
International projects
Our team are well-versed in outsourcing, developing, supporting and shipping digital products to international market