Add some AR magic to excite your customers
Augmented Reality kiosk helps them try on new collections and decide to buy your jewelry

Why should you invest in augmented reality?

Blended reality is the next frontier for fashion and jewelry retail and e-commerce.
Be among the first to gain the competitive edge
Engage and Amaze
Cutting-edge augmented reality kiosk will surely stand out even in the most crowded areas like malls and exhibitions. Get customers excited and engaged with AR try on technology!
Out of Stock
Customers can try on and order even the items which are not in store yet. Rolling out a new collection across multiple stores now takes hours instead of weeks.
Save on Rent and Staff
A Virtual Try On Kiosk takes less space than a full-scale showroom, and allows for customer self-service. Ideal for shopping malls and airports!
Retail is booming, but new challenges arise. The Millennial generation is digitally native, so fashion and jewelry brands need to adapt to draw their attention offline. Fine jewelry is deemed a conservative industry, so jewelry brands can gain significant advantage by using cutting-edge augmented reality technology. The AR kiosk allows the customers browse and choose jewelry of their taste. The kiosk app lets the customer try on the ring or other piece of jewelry as if it was on the customer's hand. Customers are almost 3 times more likely to buy a piece of jewelry after they tried it on, as our research showed. The brand's e-commerce or store CRM can be connected to the kiosk. When the order is placed, it's just a matter of some time till you have a happy and loyal customer. AR Jewelry Kiosk
See how the AR kiosk works in a shopping mall environment
The AR Try-On Technology can be implemented in a floor stand, table kiosk and handheld tablets.

Kiosk design can be customized according to branding and customer's needs.
Branded Kiosk customization includes
Branded Promo Screen
Interface and Kiosk color scheme
Form Factor
500 adapted SKU
Why are we in doing this? Because we can and we care.
10 years of experience
We've been there. Done that. Our team includes professionals in web and mobile development
In-house R&D
MSc and PhDs work with us to provide the state-of-the-art technology. Then our marketers deliver it for users to enjoy
International projects
Our team are well-versed in outsourcing, developing, supporting and shipping digital products to international market