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TOP-5 ring apps with a try-on feature

A quick look at 5 most ingenious jewelry brand apps that let you try on rings on your smartphone using AR
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Jewelry has been our fascination for some time already. We at Tryon.guru are amazed at how world's leading brands and some of their fast followers are adopting the digital technologies. It's no surprise that the majority of brands and retailers now have some e-commerce outlets - who doesn't these days? However, there is also an oncoming wave of mobile applications featuring galleries of first-class jewelry and - what's most important - an opportunity to visualise the ring right on the user's hand.
We've prepared a small review of top-5 iPhone apps that allow users to try on rings using AR and photo editors, searching for the "rings" keyword. Other apps without this feature were left out, however, they're still cool!
Vintage Engagement Rings - Try It On - Estate Diamond Jewelry
A perfect app for vintage and ancient jewelry lovers. Featuring over 30 rings from Estate Diamond Jewelry, it enables you to browse the rings and try them on a photo of your hand.
When you take a photo, you are prompted to align and scale the image of the ring themselves on your hand's image. This takes some time to get used to. The rings may be sorted by gem types, shapes and carat. Then you may share the photo with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Once youliked a ring, you may contact the sales team at the Estate Diamond Jewelry website.

The app was released back in 2013 by Saber Design team and received some praise from app reviewers and generally high user ratings.
Ring Try-On - View engagement rings on your hand!
This app, featuring the well-known James Allen brand, has been quite recently released and has already made its way to the top of the rank. Focusing specifically on engagement rings - which is logical as rings are a must-have here - the Ring Try-on app allows users to choose from hundreds of engagement rings and wedding bands in various settings - solitaire, side-stone, three-stone, etc.

As the Vintage Engagement Rings app, this one asks you to align your hand to an outline before snapping a shot and then places a ring on it. Unfortunately, you have to place and scale the ring yourself, which again takes some time.

On the whole, the new app is a nice complement to the JamesAllen e-commerce (which actually had a similar try-on feature on their mobile version). It's a nice and stylish step forward from a bulky gallery with 3D modelled hands they had 5 years ago.
Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder
Tiffany&Co has always been a trendsetter among jewelry brands, and here the company has proven this statement once again. The app has been in the store for over 5 years, amassing a couple of millions downloads. To buy a ring you still would have to go to a Tiffany store, but this app is a perfect way to compare prices, designs and to see how a ring would look on your hand. Tiffany has made a particular focus on engagement rings, though you can also find wedding bands and ring pairings for your perfect matrimonial ceremony. However, a lot of people in the reviews would like to see a greater selection.

The looks are perfect, as was expected from a leader in jewelry design, however, the technology used in Try On function, which is triggered by a barely visible link on the product page, is the same as others: shoot your hand, spend some time trying to align the ring. If you are doing this on a small screen, be prepared to spend around 5 minutes. All in all, it's a really nice app if you are a Tiffany&Co lover, but it does not provide a lot of choice and simply serves as a promotional tool, urging you visit to the Tiffany shop. Not so convenient when the nearest one is miles away and there's no delivery.
Blue Nile - Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Fine Jewelry
So far Blue Nile has been the leading e-commerce retailer in the US jewelry market, and in no small part due to this beautiful app. The application seems a bit bulky at first, with all its steps and menus and choices. Nonetheless, it's quite creative and flexible as it enables you to make your own ring design, choosing a diamond and then a setting. The app then allows you to try it on your hand, however, augmented reality hear works pretty much like Photoshop - you take a photo, drag, pan and pinch the ring until it sits right on your finger. A lot of users complained about this app not working In general, it's a full-scale jewelry shop in an app, with the opportunity to learn more about the jewelry creation process, diamond weights, various settings and designs before you buy something - via the app, of course.

The app appeared in the store practically at the same time as the Tiffany&Co app, and they have been dominating the market ever since. However, this app still represents only one brand and lacks a broad range of prices and choices - and these are factors a lot of users pay much attention to while e-shopping.
To sum up, the app seems to be constantly updated with new features, and users are still quite loyal to it.
Shop 4 Rings - find and virtually try on your hand best selection of rings, buy fabulous jewelry online!
This app was released in Feb 2016 by Tryon.guru team in the attempt to rectify some users' dissappointments with try-on experience. Keeping in mind the fact that people - and our customers among them - are not pleased with the need to constantly adjust ring images, we have developed a hand recognition solution. Based on our unique hand-scanning algorithm Shop 4 Rings app recognizes finger segments and places the ring exactly where it should be. If you would like to try it on other fingers - just swipe. Want to adjust the size - just tap and pinch it a little. All the native gestures of iPhone have been adopted. The gallery allows you to browse through various ring designs, whereas the try on screen helps you make the final decision to buy - from Amazon or other vendors. If you'd rather brag your blings or send a wish to somebody - use the social sharing button to tell friends in Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.
Tryon.guru team is constantly updating the Shop 4 Rings app and planning to make it available on iPad and Android by the end of 2016.
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