Five ways augmented reality is entering your workplace

Have you ever tried to imagine how The Future would look like? It's quite surprising how it turns out to be different from the way people imagine it in movies and media. It always seems like we underestimate at least something about our future, and Augmented Reality is a great example of such underestimation.
In the world where technological advancements are relentless and unstoppable, companies and enterprises can not afford making bad decisions. Ignoring AR would definitely be a bad decision, and here is why:

AR signigicantly improves employee training process

AR could be adapted for training purposes. Complicated technical tasks will be easier to master once you can see overlaid animations and hints that guide you through the whole process of training. Employees will be able to get new skillsets and qualifications faster than ever before.

AR reshapes the way we see industrial sector.

Opportunities to apply AR in all kinds of industries seem to be endless. From manufacturing to construction, it really seems like absolutely every industry can benefit from this tech. Having on-demand access to crucial information will help workers perform a multitude of complex tasks, like real time damage assessment, on the spot repairs with live support and guidance, and sifting through advanced data just at a glance. Real time awareness systems will significantly reduce dangers of hazardous work, making work-related accidents and fatalities a thing of the past. A true giant in it's field, Lockheed Martin already uses AR tech for fighter jets' production and maintenance.

AR provides an unprecedented level of collaboration

AR opens the door to an incredible teamwork capabilities. Workers from even the most distant corners of the Earth can put their minds together and tackle any problem their company face. Language barriers will become irrelevant with the development of built-in translation software.

AR will lead to a more efficient workforce, since new studies show that employees are way more productive when they have an autonomy over their work location and schedule, while immersion of the AR tech helps to achieve the so called 'Flow' - an optimal state of concentration.

AR improves logistics and warehouse management

More and more companies are looking at AR technologies in search for commercial solutions for their business, and when it comes to all things related to logistics, augmented reality surely blows everything else out of the water, that's why behemoth in the field of logistics, DHL rushed to implement AR to their work model, since then effectively improving their transportation optimization, warehouse operations and navigational capabilities.

AR elevates presentation and visualisation to a whole new level.

These capabilities are exceptionally important for designers and architects, as they will allow them to literally get into the very structure that they are creating. Right now the representatives of these professions are confined to display their three-dimensional work on two dimensional screens, while with the advancement of AR tech they will finally be able to express their creativity in breathtaking way, quite possibly giving an opportunity to present their models in 1:1 scale.

It might not be that obvious right now, but AR unlocks the potential for a widespread technological revolution as it blurs the line between the physical and digital worlds. Agile businesses will adapt to this change and prepare to embrace this technology. As humans we have an amazing ability to aspire for something truly great, to find new things what we need in order to be successful in our aspirations. And It might be hard to see it that way right now, but AR is indeed a next logical step in technological evolution, it will take us to exciting new places, whether you're ready for it or not.