Millennial Buyers and Augmented Reality

Millennials - a generation born in the last couple of decades of the 20th century is described by many people as entitled, lazy, disrespectful.
We are not going to delve into these characteristics, but there is one thing that is impossible to deny, millennials are the most plugged-in, digitally connected generation there is. An average millennial spends as many as 22 hours a week on their mobile devices texting, talking and accessing social media. Whether it's good or bad is a discussion for another day, but without any doubt these behavioral patterns of millennials create a huge digital divide between them and other generations, therefore establishing a huge challenge for marketers and companies all over the world who want to reach out to millennial buyers.

Given the amount of time millennials spent with their devices, it's imperative to try to understand their unique attitudes and motivations, it also means that companies should pay a huge attention to the mobile platforms and opportunities which they provide.

So how can brands engage these millennial mindsets?

We've already explained in details what Augmented reality is, and it appears that this technological novelty proves to be a major force for this engagement. AR marketing represents a perfect strategy to reach out to millennials since it invites them to participate and be a part of a greater experience rather than making them passive observers of a dull ad campaign.

It's important to create a memorable encounter that can be talked about, and that is exactly what Augmented Reality promises to deliver.

So how can your brand tap into the power of AR?


The attention span of an average millennial is pretty short. They are constantly bombarded by ads and media streams that are desperate for their attention. You need to stand out among all this flood of information and the best way to do so is to present them something truly authentic and original. Think about how you can add a creative spin to your marketing campaign

Make share-worthy content

It's hard to reach out to millennial audience in conventional ways, they cannot be persuaded to try your by any standard means, instead you should encourage their peers to talk about your product and spread the word around social media.

Stay mobile oriented

There are a lot of evidence that supports the fact that millennials are hooked to their screens. They chat, shop, read, take pictures and consume all sorts of information with the help of their mobile devices, so obviously your business should be mobile optimized.

Make sure to generate interactive ideas

Millennials would not care about simple flow of information that any usual ad campaign represents. One must provoke a response from them in order to establish some sort of a dialogue and build up brand loyalty piece by piece.

At this point it's pretty clear that future will be filled with new and exciting AR technology that weaves absolutely different experience. There are numerous examples how Augmented Reality is used to reach out to millennial audience. One of the most prominent illustration is so called "try on" feature, that allows buyers to digitally select and try on a range of clothings and apparel. Brands like Hugo Boss, Ray Ban, Converse, Tissot are already using this feature to enrich the shopping experience and attract young buyers to their brand.

Despite a relative novelty of AR, it's safe to assume at this point that this technology is here to stay and it will be a huge force that shapes and drives the future shopping experience. If you are a marketer and you are not thinking about how to implement AR to your business, you'd better start.