The image messaging and multimedia mobile application, Snapchat, has now become a content-sharing social network. Firstly it was known as "Picaboo", the company now has a stunning $16 billion evaluation and has efficiently stayed in power by regularly adding new features and updates.
The company's video traffic is even catching up with Facebook, at 7 billion monthly views with Facebook leading at 8 billion monthly views. Lots of viewed on the app videos are using augmented reality because of a latest camera feature. Obviously, AR field is showing huge interest in Snapchat for quite a while now.
Snapchat may be best known for its self-destructing messages, but its Lenses feature uses a phone's camera and AR technology to let people overlay 3D stickers over their faces in real-time. These filters automatically align with facial features, turning the user into a moving zombie, flirtatious fox - or even able to throw up a rainbow. When you are taking a selfie they can be activated in the app by pressing and holding on the face. Users are able to purchase lens which they like for $0.99 to own them indefinitely.
Snapchat is showing its users how much can be done with a video app and it is probably already on the way to the next innovation putting on their user's creativity to a new level. Imagine traffic guides over the road showing up in front of you, or adjusting user tips floating over the furniture, for example Ikea, to make it easy to assemble. This is what augmented reality promises us. Snapchat is conceded the early lead in the AR and monetized the technology.
Thanks to facial recognition technology Snapchat users can make a live, interactive image and play with before snapping the final picture. Of course, Microsoft and Google techs are more progressive, but Snapchat is definitely crushing the competition now. Snapchat reaches 41% of millennials in the US every day, and users spend of 15 seconds playing with its features averagely. Just to compare that with a video adverts on YouTube which users can pass by after five seconds and you can realize how forceful Snapchat technology is.
It is more obvious now that augmented reality will completely take over the mainstream. Facebook has already obtained Oculus and now Snapchat is showing huge interest in the AR field. More and more people using Snapchat are getting into augmented reality.

Snapchat is a crucial part of a revolution where we all live in. It's not just leader of ephemeral messaging but it's already interfering in augmented reality without actually calling it that. For what it's worth, AR technology fundamentally changes the way we do everything: the way we communicate, work, and live. Snapchat is generally bringing augmented reality technology to masses which could unlock a whole new wave of creativity from its users.

Snapchat bought the Vergence Labs-Google glass-like company, and it's been hiring talent from famous companies like Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and Nokia. According to Business Insider, that could be the signal to start looking to further augmented reality technology.

We can surely admit that Snapchat has stepped out as something important and now it's not just another social media platform. Snapchat will definitely be the leader in AR app technology in the nearest future.