For What Game Developers Thank Pokémon Go

First of all, millions of people learned about Augmented Reality thanks to Pokémon Go. Though AR has existed already for several years but almost no one knew nothing about it. Pokemon Go made AR so famous all over the world but this is only the start of a new way to play because it seems like other developers also have something to say to the world.
Pokémon Go has more than 20 million daily active users, but it uses the simplest AR utilization. Many Augmented Reality experts thank Pokemon Go for setting expectations so low among consumers. AR has so much of potential ahead which is just about to open up and to be demonstrated to the audience.

Augmented reality is a brother of Virtual Reality which puts some digital image on top of the real world with the help of a camera and some display technologies.

Pokémon Go uses this AR technique to catch the pocket monsters on the screen of your phone and bring them into your world.
And now when Pokemon Go made the millions of players over the world aware of what AR actually is, game developers working at AR technologies are looking forward to multiply that success by offering up far more advanced AR games than Pokemon Go.

Apparently Pokémon Go has earned more revenue than the entire AR and VR industry, which is unbelievable for a first-generation AR product.

Pokémon Go has defined the AR category for the consumer. It'll make it easier to exceed expectations.

First there was a belief that the AR was going to blow away most consumers after using something as basic as Pokémon Go. But the whole panel was thankful for the game because it is also rubbing off some of the borders making AR a social norm.

For game developers, Pokémon Go shows that users will accept smartphone AR and that they can move into that space without creating a product that the public will shun. It also means that kids will accept this as popular because they grow up with this technology. And actually kids are a really interesting market and it's much harder to win over kids because they have a lot of various distractions.