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Retail Giants Who Use Augmented Reality to Sell

Augmented reality makes it easy to combine digital reality and the real world in a perfect environment
Augmented Sales
Augmented reality is not utilised by only tech giants and games geeks, but it's also becoming a popular technology among big traders and their clients.
Many huge client-oriented companies are profitably using augmented reality option to upgrade their clients' interactions with their technology, raising sales dramatically.

Among the most famous companies using AR function successfully for a long time are such companies as TopShop, Converse and Shiseido.
All of these giants have been active in using AR technology to upgrade their market presence and sales through boosting their customer interaction and purchasing experience.
Let's have a closer look at the ways these prosperous companies use augmented reality to attract more customers attention and boost their sales.
Trying on clothes can be pretty annoying for many shoppers, especially for those who are in a hurry. Also the queues can be very long and tiring. Topshop has always been the first to test the boundaries of technology and now decided to partner with Kinect to create augmented reality dressing rooms.
These virtual fitting rooms allow shoppers of Topshop to try on any article of clothing straight away without queuing to ordinary dressing-rooms for ages. This option definitely helps customers try on their purchases quickly and easily and make their choice more deliberately.
AR technology gives an opportunity to a customer to try Topshop clothes in real time first and only after that decide if they are ready to buy a this article of clothing or not.
AR option is helping shoppers to avoid long lines to dressing-rooms, therefore boosting a positive eagerness about their purchase.
Converse started to use augmented reality to show how the process of trying on new shoes will be improved in the near future. With the help of their innovative AR-fueled Converse Sampler app, the shoes shopper has an opportunity to choose any shoe from the Converse catalog and easily place the phone towards their foot to test how the potential shoe will be looking on their foot in reality.
This augmented reality app also supports purchasing options, so the buyer can get the full retail experience of buying, fitting on shoes, and purchasing the chosen pair of shoes right there with the help of the app.
This fascinating innovative technology is getting more and more popular among modern retail businesses. You don't have to be a tech geek to use this technology. Shoppers who use this technology are just tech savvy people who keep up with the times or do not want to spend their precious time to go to a shop. They prefer to make their purchasing decision from home with the help of a mobile device.
The buyer can get the full retail experience of buying, fitting on shoes, and purchasing the chosen pair of shoes
Shiseido Makeup Mirror
Most women have gone through the torture of buying a beauty product only to get home and realize it looks not like they expected on them. But a virtual make-up mirror promises to end these expensive and embarrassing experiences.

This Shiseido 'magic mirror' gives their clients a full make-up ready just in seconds, lets them try on thousands of different cosmetic articles just in minutes. And the most important thing for women is that it frees them from the need for make-up remover afterwards.
With the help of this augmented reality simulator clients can virtually apply make-up to eyes, lips and cheeks.
A camera on the device captures a face and works out where the eyes, nose and mouth are.
Using the touch-sensitive screen, potential customers have an opportunity to choose from more than 100 different eye colours, around the same number of lip colours, and many different blushers, bronzers and cheek tints.

There is also an option to change shades in a matter of moments, see how products look like with harder and softer application. Also many women can experiment with more dramatic looks than they might normally dare to in the real life.

If a woman wants to take a closer look at the bronzer she has just 'applied', she'll see it on her screen. She can also turn her head simply a bit to see how a product looks like on her face and the mirror image will do the same thing.
The cool thing is that no matter how much we move or how quick we change products, this augmented reality makeup simulator will keep up with it all.
Augmented reality helps retailers to create more exciting and memorable experiences for their clients by including their tech-advanced shoppers in the process.

This innovative technology and AR apps actually are able to give the retailers limitless marketing potential. In order to stay competitive and relevant in your industry, consider embracing and integrating AR into your business.
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