10 Must-Have Beauty Apps Today

Nowadays we do everything on our phones — read books, play games, find people to meet and fall in love with, shop for food, clothes and other stuff — but just recently we've got a chance to take care of our looks, makeup, outfits and even health with the help of mobile apps downloaded on our phones.
Within just a couple of clicks on your phone screen, you can get your shining birthday makeup delivered to you just 20 min after getting out of bed, find a local nail or hairstyle artist to bedazzle your manicure and blowout, or even check out which is the most professional or high rated dermatologist who will heal your undesirable pimple or will choose the best treatment for your type of skin.

Below you will find the most popular and helpful beauty apps which you definitely should download on your phones if you don't want to be missing out these days.

If you live in megacities such as New York City, L.A., Houston this handy app is a perfect match for your phone.

You can find the best salon or spa in just 2 minutes after starting your beauty search. You can look up a salon name or some specific treatment you need for you body, face or hair. The most important part is that you can check out reviews, look through salon photos, and right after that book a procedure for yourself, your friend or your mum. And if you don't live in those huge cities mentioned above, don't brush this app off: More cities are coming soon!


This high-tech skin-analysis tool will definitely impress you by its extraordinary instruments and opportunities for your skin health.

Just take a close photo of your face, fill in a skin profile, and let this amazing app do its work. It has a built-in dermatologist-grade scanning technology which is there to diagnose your skin issues such as acne, wide pores, wrinkles, redness, and dark spots.

After that the app shows you recommendations for products that will treat your specific issues. All this process happens in seconds, and you can even buy these products straight from your phone!

Think Dirty

This innovative app determines how toxic your beauty products are by analyzing each ingredient they contain. The idea might sound strange at first: why do I need to care so much about the components of my day or night facial routine?

But it's actually a brilliant idea, because normally those ingredients aren't easy to find on the Internet. What you need to do is just to scan a product's barcode with your camera or search the database by the name of your product.

"Think Dirty" classifies its ingredients from one to ten on a "Dirty Meter" so you will know how dangerous your facial or body routine is. It also offers you "green" alternatives with the similar effect but healthier components.


Most of the women are familiar with the problem of buying too many unnecessary beauty products and forgetting to refill in time those beauty items which we actually use and need.

This thoughtful app keeps an eye on not only our lipsticks, powders and mascaras, but also on all our facial, body and hair-care products.

Stash stores your billing information such as the time of a purchase of a beauty product, its volume, approximate duration and then alarms when you're running low.

It sends you a push notification to refill, and when it's time, you can buy a replacement within the app or not.

Hair Color by Modiface

Every girl has at least once in her life wondered how she will be looking like with a totally different hair color than she is normally wearing. But not each of us is brave enough to take such drastic steps as dying our hair into green, blue or even red.

But don't be afraid, this app isn't just one of those lame overlays of an awkward hairstyles which they put on top of your photo.

Hair Color by Modiface actually changes the hair color in the photo that you upload. It's fast and very simple: just take a selfie, frame your hair area with your finger (so it knows where exactly to apply your chosen color), and then choose from more than 30 shades of blonde, brown, and red colors.

The Glam App

Founded by the Hollywood famous hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf, who is a freelancer herself, The Glam app is developed to connect the coolest and most professional self-employed beauty artists with their clients - people who want to get the best results for cheaper prices.

The Glam App works with a huge diversity of freelance stylists and artists offering you makeup, hair and nails services delivered straight to your house.

Whether you are looking for an a everyday or birthday makeup, a manicure or maybe a facial treatment, you can always choose someone among the highest-valued professionals and request them every time you need to look pretty without leaving your bedroom.


Some skin problems that we might have such as acne, abscesses, rash etc. may cause so much discomfort and embarrassment that we're even too shy to go to a doctor to ask for a professional help.

Unfortunately, many people nowadays misuse Internet and diagnose their skin issues based on the information they find on the Web.

The most brave ones even prescribe themselves strong antibiotic treatments. But these steps can be very risky and no one can guarantee that you won't damage your skin or even completely ruin it.

Spruce takes skincare to the next level. It combines loved by everyone Internet and professional dermatologists who register their profiles in the app and help patients virtually within 24 hours.

If a huge pimple broke out on your nose out of nowhere you don't need to go out on the streets and explain everyone why you have a huge plaster on your face.

This awkward situation can be solved easily if you make a virtual appointment with a chosen doctor through your phone. A dermatologist will carefully look through uploaded pictures of your skin and read all your complaints. After that he/she will ask you questions and then diagnose you and prescribe a treatment.

During the healing process you can share the information about your treatment, the pictures of your skin before and after, your skin reactions and results through the app.

You can get this virtual dermatologist consultation and treatment plan for just $40 without confusedly hiding your face from people in metro.
Misfit Shine

This shining app was designed to track your beauty regimen such as sleep, food, workouts and many others. Misfit Shine monitors your daily food intake, daily activities such walking and workouts and even your sleep cycle. After realizing your mistakes in the daily routine, you can easily set goals for your proper sleep, diet and make an exercise plan.

This smart sleep tracker works with a special alarm which creates your personal sleeping schedule that will signal you when exactly you need to sleep and wake up to feel rested and full of energy.


Lifebooker app is something like Groupon of Beauty. This mobile application checks and gathers all the best beauty service deals and sales in your neighbourhood from facial and body treatment products to Botox injections and other beauty procedures.

It's very convenient that you don't need to visit every website of a specific cosmetics brand to check out if they have sales or not. All the boring job is already done for you.

Just download the app, get the beauty sales and hit the road to become even prettier.


You see those girls on Instagram with their perfect nail design, you think it is a great idea, but then you go out of nail salon frustrated. What happened? It simply doesn't match your hand.

But this problem can be easily fixed.

Nailsmania is an app that literally delivers nail art directly to customers' hands.

With the help of this handy app you will be able to choose between around 200 nail polish colors, shades and designs and try them all on your hand.

Nailsmania has an accurate hand recognition scanning algorithm which lets you see how a specific nail polish color or design will look exactly on your own nails.

All you need to do is take picture of your hand. The app automatically finds the perfect placement for the nail design.

Choose, try on, compare, enjoy and share your new cool nail design with friends!